Can we please destigmatize mental health?

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I need therapy. This sentence (spoken by anyone) is usually followed with a slight chuckle, a keen “knowing,” often followed by the question, don’t we all?

Don’t we all?!

Deep down we all know we have at least one issue if not nine of them that could stand to be…

If you can’t abstain around your alcoholic loved one, then you may need to rethink your drink too

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My ex-husband took his first drink at age 12. Lord knows how it went from there.

Actually that’s not true. I do know.

By the time we met he was 23, and he was deep into drink. …

And I’ve realized I’m okay with that.

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When you “divorce with kids” you instantly become co-parents. As though the adulterer you now discover you were married to is someone you actually want to parent with and see for the rest of your children’s lives. …

Bonding with my teenager over Travis Scott and Cat Stevens

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I have the typical, semi-brooding 14-year old teenage boy who quietly goes about his life of school, video games, and “making beats”. The latter being something that didn’t exist in my day. He passed me in height about a year ago, and counts getting taller as one of his passions.

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I Can’t Read Another Story On How To Write On Medium

Please stop writing, so I can get some writing done!

I wake up to find another scheduled story by you, or you, or you…has hit my inbox. Your evil plan dares to work on me once again.

And another one hits an hour later.
And another.

I asked for it after all. That’s what “following” is, right?

I was interested…

I wouldn’t be divorced if I had this show growing up

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Let me explain…

I’m not talking a podcast. I’m talking a regular FM music station based out of Atlanta with a morning show called, The Bert Show.

They’ve been on the air, bantering for 20 years, and I stumbled upon them a couple years after they started, when I was post-my-divorce.

They are…

Living with the struggle I have around drinking

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I’ve got a problem with drinking, just not in the usual way…

Not drinking is not a problem for me.

And drinking is not a problem for me.

But oddly, watching other people drink is.

Just watching.

What was once a socially acceptable norm to me in my early 20s…

Della Jennsen

On a writing journey to somewhere. I like talking about life lessons and self-awareness. Proud mom, happy wife, just trying to leave something behind.

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